Don’t Be A Slave to Your Admin Tasks – Grow Your Business!

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[tweetmeme]Inwardly and logically you know it, in your business everything can be delegated except that which makes you unique. There are many tasks that do not require your focus to get done. Ask yourself how much value you are getting versus if you had an assistant. How depressing is it to be looking at a long to-do-list every day and realizing there won’t be enough hours to get through everything. If you spend all your time “in” your business and not “on” your business, your frustration level impedes your ability to challenge yourself as a thinker and innovator who can move your business forward.

You may not have the space or number of hours to justify an on-site employee. The answer is an Online Office Assistant whose hours are billed strictly on the actual time spent working for you. All your repetitive daily/weekly/monthly items can be taken care of, and other tasks/projects can be handed over on an “as needed” basis. The initial “letting go” understandably could trouble you, but your motivation to be free of so much administrative work and the vision of having real time to devote to your customers, and to new strategies and initiatives, has to be your inspiration. Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken that leap of faith, and a burden has been lifted.

Choosing the right Online Office Assistant or “Virtual Assistant” is actually easier than hiring the right employee because there is much more available information through their websites and their client testimonials. Please consult my article, “Why a Virtual Assistant and How to Choose the Right One“.

Only if they have wide-ranging administrative skills/experience can Virtual Assistants set themselves up successfully in business, and with a few clients under their belt they become expert at easing their new clients into the mind set and methodology of handing over the “office”. The point here is that you do not have to figure out in advance how you are going to do this … your Online Office Assistant will guide you, and you will always know what is being worked on and what has been completed. Any initial discomfort will be outweighed by the peace of mind you will gain, as not only will the office tasks be off your hands, your business systems will become more streamlined and efficient too. You will start looking at your business in a whole new light, and enjoy it so much more!

And how about this: there may be worthwhile projects you’ve not previously undertaken because you lack the skills or knowledge; your Virtual Assistant might have the necessary experience. For example, Social Media – the value LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can have on a business if effectively utilized is absolutely phenomenal.

As your Online Office Assistant, I commit to helping you maintain your sanity by taking on all tasks you don’t like, don’t have the time for, don’t have the skills for. I will do so with the same care and purpose as if it were my own business. Let’s start with a no-obligation consultation. This could change your life!

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