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What is Wasted Time?

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[tweetmeme]I want you to really focus on how much time you spend on doing things you just don’t need to do and how much time you waste because your mind is cluttered. I don’t mean a vague feeling, I mean an honest analysis. People don’t do this because they are afraid of how ridiculous they might feel. We carry this burden because “it is what it is” and we’ve never been able to change it. We wish it were different but there’s nothing we can do about it, “we are who we are”, and whatever attempts we’ve made at improving this aspect of our lives, we have found that we quickly slip back into the same ways. IT IS DEMORALIZING.

Well, allow me to help you with this analysis – no charge, no obligation. Simply, at the end if you feel I could take over some of your business and personal tasks in a way that will make your workday more effective, and that the cost of doing so is worthwhile, hire me as your Virtual Assistant. If not, you will have had the frankest look at what you need to do and a new awareness.

I have saved hundreds of hours for clients. The relief they feel is astounding. The energy they gain is priceless. The attention they place on business growth and customer service pays enormous dividends.

I can make this happen for you. I can handle so much of what you do every day. I’m sure you’ve imagined and wished you could feel better about your work life, but feel constantly frustrated. The impact of my work on my clients might amaze you. Just visualize for a moment starting every workday with a relaxed mind and passion. That is the impact of my work on clients. Click on Testimonials and see!

After our analysis, you will be welcome to call any of my clients with questions about how the process works for them, and in particular perhaps how they were able to transition from doing everything themselves to “letting go”.

You can really TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE both at work and at home when you feel good about what’s going on. Make this that pivotal moment you will look back on as the moment your life changed.  Email or call me at 877-798-7701.

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How Much Money Are You Ignoring?

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[tweetmeme] When I speak with prospective clients, often they don’t realize how much income they are losing due to their lack of follow through.  They most frequently contact me simply to handle items on their To-Do list, but the most attractive (and proven) offer I can make to them is to help them increase their bottom line.  Often it seems they don’t have a clear awareness of the fact that they are losing money by letting prospects ‘get away’. Hiring me to follow up and maintain contact with prospective customers will assure this never happens – I am very thorough!

Based on my experience, a pressing problem common among almost all clients is that their prospective clients aren’t staying in their sales ‘pipeline’.  Prior to a client working with me, a prospect would email or call the client to express interest in their services.  Since my client was so busy with keeping on top of their administrative tasks, the prospect would often fall through the cracks.  My client may reach out once and then simply fail to follow up, or not send their proposal for several weeks, or simply not keep to whatever commitment they made during their initial call.  Their prospect would go elsewhere. (more…)

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