Happy “Business” Campers – Badges of Wisdom from the Boy Scouts

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[tweetmeme]I recently had the joy of going camping with my son and his Boy Scout troop. While any amount of time spent with him is enjoyable, this particular experience was actually very beneficial to me as well. It is said that if we look closely, there are lessons to be learned in any situation. This happened to be one of those experiences where I learned quite a bit not only about the Boy Scouts but also how the lessons they are taught can be applied to life and business. I would like to share with you some of the “badges” of wisdom that I observed and hopefully this will be something you can apply to your business as well.

Robert Baden-Powell was the founder of the Boy Scout Movement. We have him to thank for setting a wonderful example that will benefit our sons and their futures. Their motto is simple: Be Prepared. After our camping trip, I returned home and – with this article in mind – researched more about Baden-Powell and his teachings. Below are some of the quotes that I found especially useful and ways they can be interpreted to help us as business owners find growth by refocusing on the sometimes forgotten basics.

A fisherman does not bait his hook with the food he likes – he uses food the fish likes. A simple concept, but too easily overlooked. In all marketing efforts we need to carefully consider the target demographic. If it appeals to us but the audience doesn’t react, we are wasting our time and resources.

Loyalty is a feature in your character that inspires boundless confidence. If your clients trust you, they will become repeat customers and your most valuable source for referrals. We’ve heard the old adage: People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Build that confidence with your clients and watch your business grow.

If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talking. The best way to please your clients is by providing the service they are expecting. There is always the possibility for a ‘disconnect’ when dealing with your clients (especially virtually), so to avoid this we need to make an effort to listen and ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations from the beginning.

You are better able to execute more wholeheartedly when you understand intentions. I can especially apply this to my business as a virtual assistant. It is one thing to just be an assistant for a client; it is another thing entirely to be a partner to your client. When you understand your clients’ direction and objectives, you will be better able to serve them and help them achieve their success.

Educate yourself instead of being instructed. This of course is the ideal goal for every virtual assistant. My clients hire me in order to save them time and rely on my expertise. It is my responsibility to be knowledgeable in the areas where they need assistance and to do that I must continue to learn and be aware of new technologies and all other avenues that can help make their professional lives easier.

“Happy Campers” has a nice ring about it. When you speak to clients, you can pretty much sense if they are “Happy Campers”. I love that feeling. I know I have earned the “Happy Campers” badge … Have you?

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