Don’t Be A Slave to Your Admin Tasks – Grow Your Business!

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[tweetmeme]Inwardly and logically you know it, in your business everything can be delegated except that which makes you unique. There are many tasks that do not require your focus to get done. Ask yourself how much value you are getting versus if you had an assistant. How depressing is it to be looking at a long to-do-list every day and realizing there won’t be enough hours to get through everything. If you spend all your time “in” your business and not “on” your business, your frustration level impedes your ability to challenge yourself as a thinker and innovator who can move your business forward.

You may not have the space or number of hours to justify an on-site employee. The answer is an Online Office Assistant whose hours are billed strictly on the actual time spent working for you. All your repetitive daily/weekly/monthly items can be taken care of, and other tasks/projects can be handed over on an “as needed” basis. The initial “letting go” understandably could trouble you, but your motivation to be free of so much administrative work and the vision of having real time to devote to your customers, and to new strategies and initiatives, has to be your inspiration. Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken that leap of faith, and a burden has been lifted. (more…)

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Social Media Strategy Checklist

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As Seen on – “Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Hostage”

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(I am quoted on Page 2 of this post – link below)

“Is there someone who is a little too indispensable at your company? I’m thinking of the person who is the only one with the password to several critical systems, or the only one who understands how they work.

Where would you be if he walked off in a huff and decided to hold that information hostage? Where would you be if he got run over by the proverbial bus?

I took this topic from a discussion in the Small Business Online Community on LinkedIn, and interviewed several of the participants…” Click here to read more

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4 Ways I have found Success with LinkedIn

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I have just started to “tap” into the all resources that LinkedIn has to offer. At first, I thought it was simply one more avenue for wasting time and as a business owner, I want to spend my time focused on progress. The following are just 4 ways I have found progress AND success with LinkedIn:

* I use Twitter and Facebook now and then, but I often wonder about the audience I am reaching. With LinkedIn, I am more confident that my message is getting “in front” of the right group(s).

* In reading discussion topics and other people’s posts, I have discovered the ultimate business handbook. Add to that being able to contribute my point of view to a discussion thread, and I have found a great way to connect with other business owners and potential clients.

* I have been “discovered” by wonderful people who became clients through LinkedIn. Although I have “Testimonials” on my website, several clients have mentioned that the “Recommendations” section of my LinkedIn profile was their deciding factor in choosing to work with me. What a valuable marketing tool it is to have former supervisors, subcontractors, and current clientele so generously offer their feedback.

* LinkedIn has inspired my creativity. I created my blog so I can comment on such topics as business productivity and office organization. I plan to continue using LinkedIn to research ideas that are relevant to these topics.

Please click here for more information about how I can assist you in your business: A Virtual Assistant 4 You.

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