Creating Systems for Success

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[tweetmeme]Most of us run our lives on a handful of systems. Between our cell phones, our planners and our email in-boxes, we have organized ourselves and our time quite effectively.   Yet as important as these systems are, most of us don’t take advantage of other creative ways to improve our business procedures. By documenting processes, they can occur without so much thought or reinvention.  And most especially if you are a solopreneur, having your processes documented and in the hands of your Virtual Assistant, your business can continue to run smoothly, even if you are sick or on vacation.

For most of us, there are dozens of similar repetitive tasks, large and small, in our businesses that could be systemized. To identify where, step back from your routine and look at it all objectively. As you go through the analysis, ask yourself why you created a particular process in the first place.  For every process you find that could be automated with a new system, you may find another that can be eliminated altogether.  Reviewing your business this way may in fact prove to be both valuable and enlightening. (more…)

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Don’t Be A Slave to Your Admin Tasks – Grow Your Business!

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[tweetmeme]Inwardly and logically you know it, in your business everything can be delegated except that which makes you unique. There are many tasks that do not require your focus to get done. Ask yourself how much value you are getting versus if you had an assistant. How depressing is it to be looking at a long to-do-list every day and realizing there won’t be enough hours to get through everything. If you spend all your time “in” your business and not “on” your business, your frustration level impedes your ability to challenge yourself as a thinker and innovator who can move your business forward.

You may not have the space or number of hours to justify an on-site employee. The answer is an Online Office Assistant whose hours are billed strictly on the actual time spent working for you. All your repetitive daily/weekly/monthly items can be taken care of, and other tasks/projects can be handed over on an “as needed” basis. The initial “letting go” understandably could trouble you, but your motivation to be free of so much administrative work and the vision of having real time to devote to your customers, and to new strategies and initiatives, has to be your inspiration. Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken that leap of faith, and a burden has been lifted. (more…)

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Social Media Strategy Checklist

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Share Yourself, Share Your Message … Expand Your Opportunity for Success

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It may be apparent to you that there has been a definitive “shift” away from traditional marketing (postcard mailing, advertising, and cold calling).  Social media has forever changed the way we do business and the way we promote our business.  If your company and your services are not defined on the Internet and marketed regularly through the most popular social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few), it is likely your business will not be as successful as those who are.

I believe that it truly comes down to your ability to make a “connection” with your target audience. When you can present who YOU are and how YOUR natural abilities have led you to your chosen specialty, your message and your approach will resonate with your audience. When people feel a real connection with you, they are more likely to work with you.  Very simply, if you are able to consistently “Share Yourself ” and “Share Your Message”, you will definitely generate more interest.


You don’t need millions of Twitter followers.  You want to have the attention of the people you KNOW will benefit from the services you provide.  If each time you post a message or send an email newsletter, you craft it from the heart, you may find that in the process, YOU may actually learn something new about yourself.  And the more you know of yourself and the more confident you are, your ability to connect with people will come quite naturally.  Having the feeling of confidence will give you an edge in striking the right chord, and it will certainly help you in translating a potential clients’ general interest into intrigue.  At that point, they may feel inspired to take the steps to start working with you.

In exchange for their subscription to your website or blog mailing list, offer a free e-book or a free report on a topic relevant to your audience. You can then send via email a marketing newsletter along with a discount coupon for their first service with you. Include valuable tips and personal insights you are willing to share and once again potential clients’ will feel as if they know you through your correspondence with them.


I have a client who is a Personal Coach and something that works well for her in her business is to post a daily inspirational message on her Facebook business page AND her blog which are emailed to her subscriber list. She uses a digital recorder to record her message from her home office. I transcribe and post it to her Facebook, blog, and Twitter every weekday. Since her followers forward her insightful messages to friends, family, and colleagues, her posts quickly become “viral”. Because she shares so much valuable insight and inspiration on a regular basis, clients are drawn to her. Potential clients can already get a sense through her messages of how she can inspire and motivate them, and how she can help make a difference in their lives. It’s almost like a “test drive” of her services and it works really well for her. She has new subscribers daily and her ability to “close the sale” is astounding.

I believe if you convey confidence in expressing yourself, no matter what business you are in, you will develop a connection, grow a following, and in turn, you will expand your opportunity for success.  If your message solves a problem for your target audience, they will follow you.  They may read several of your messages, and be thinking about working with you.  Eventually, you will reach them with just the right message, at the right time.  Be patient and enjoy the process of sharing yourself.

If you like some of the ideas I have presented, but don’t feel you have the time or the know-how to implement them, or you need help in crafting your messages, please contact me. I can also handle a wide variety of administrative tasks to help free up your time.  Please click here for more information: A Virtual Assistant 4 You.

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