Implementing an Advisory Committee

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[tweetmeme]One of the benefits of a normal working environment is the colleagues you have at your disposal. They are easily accessible to help brainstorm, push through deadlines, or just listen when you need to talk through a problem. However, as a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur, a more creative approach is needed to obtain the advice and counsel that we require.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed to replicate the workplace experience by building my own professional relationships. My solution was to implement an Advisory Committee.  An Advisory Committee is a small group of trusted individuals that you can turn to for advice and feedback. They should have a genuine interest in your business as well as a strong desire to help you succeed.

The members and structure of your Advisory Committee is entirely up to you, but should be done with careful thought and consideration. A good starting point is to identify your weaknesses and look for people who will be able to help overcome the obstacles you will face. You can select anyone from friends or family all the way to retired CEOs, but be certain that their contribution will be relevant to your business’s needs.

A qualified executive level Virtual Assistant can be your best ADVISOR, because with substantial access to your business and vast experience and knowledge from the corporate world as well as with other clients, a VA’s perspective can provide extraordinarily valuable insights. We see the big picture together with the minutia, and adopting simple changes and ideas we recommend can often result in a profound difference to your business.

Most of all, enjoy the feeling of knowing that you are not alone and will always have someone to look to for counsel. You and your business will reap the rewards and perhaps one day you will be able to pay it forward as well.

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